Leaders to Gather at Coach Africa’s ‘African Excellence Summit 2021’ to Share Vision for the Future of Africa

KAMPALA, Uganda., April 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Coach Africa is proud to welcome attendees from all corners of the continent for Africa's #1 virtual business summit – African Excellence Summit 2021.

The African Excellence Summit is an initiative of Coach Africa which aims to enhance African excellence by promoting a purpose–first mindset. With over 30 speakers, the summit aims to gather leaders from the public, private and development sectors to drive Africa's transition towards a purpose–first economy anchored on excellence and leadership.

"Africa is going through a period of change," says Dr. Norah Njuba Bwaya (PCC), Founder of Coach Africa Limited and executive coach with over 30 years of working experience. "The time for Africa is now. We're excited to be bringing together entrepreneurs, policy and decision–makers from across the continent to showcase a new vision for the future while demonstrating the significance and value of a purpose–first economy."

The three–day summit provides organizations, coaches and entrepreneurs a platform for discussion around key themes related to Africa's development, including:

  • 22nd of April: Purpose–First: Creating an Africa Where Everyone Wins
  • 23rd of April: The role of coaches/coaching in advancing the leadership cause for African Development
  • 24th of April: How to monetize your genius? The Opportunities for Building your own virtual empire, your message matters!

Registration is still open for the African Excellence Summit 2021, but remaining space is filling up quickly. Visit www.africanexcellencesummit.com to learn more.

About Coach Africa

Coach Africa supports African Excellence by building exceptional leaders: Leaders in different capacities and walks of life who are walking the path of reimagining what can be; leaders who stand for the betterment of their individual growth and collectively as a Continent; and leaders who use their transformational journey to help transform society. Our purpose is to build leaders with the capacity to exponentially inspire others. Leaders that are motivated by passion, generated by vision, produced by a conviction and ignited by a purpose. We believe African people both on the Continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny.

Coach Africa … where Excellence is past, present and the future!

For More information, contact: Eileen Walusimbi Oloya
Director Coach Africa Academy eileen@coachafrica.org

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