Institutional Investor Launches 2023 Developed Europe and 2023 Emerging EMEA Research Rankings

BofA Securities and BNP Paribas Exane share first place as top research provider in the Developed Europe survey

BofA Securities, HSBC and J.P. Morgan share top spot in Emerging EMEA

LONDON, Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Institutional Investor Research (II Research) surveys are the leading provider of market sentiment in the financial industry. Research budgets remain flat and asset managers are using fewer analysts, but demand for bespoke opinion means that close client relationships and "trusted source" status becomes more important than ever before. With MiFID regulations potentially being rolled back across Europe and UK, the focus on the provision of quality research advisory services may result in a more competitive environment and we may see an increase in research teams across the industry.

There were no changes to the industry and country sector categories this year. The 2023 Developed Europe Research results reflects the opinions of 5,462 portfolio managers and analysts (up from 4,692 in 2022) from 1,813 institutions (up from 1,696 in 2022). The total number of votes has also increased from last year, by 11%. Over 180 firms have submitted centralised or coordinated votes, underscoring the robust nature of the results as an accurate reflection of market sentiment.

Results Highlights

Developed Europe Research

The Leaders' Board remains intensely competitive, with seven companies competing for the honour of being rated best research house. BofA Securities and BNP Paribas Exane were ranked in first place, both with 38 published positions. J.P. Morgan once again follows in third place taking 31 positions with UBS achieving fourth place with 30 ranked teams. Barclays built on the momentum they gathered in 2022, gaining three published positions and rising to 5th overall; Morgan Stanley places sixth. The largest gain on the Leader's Board came from Jefferies in seventh, which gained 10 positions from 2022. Citi, Bernstein and Kepler Cheuvreux take the final three places in the Developed Europe Top 10, displacing Credit Suisse that shared joint 11th place with Societe Generale.

BNP Paribas Exane once again claims first place in the analyst–ranked tables with 44 positions, followed by BofA Securities (41), J.P. Morgan (35 positions) and Barclays (31), which climbed two places.

Emerging EMEA Research

HSBC and J.P. Morgan were joined by BofA Securities as joint first place in the Emerging EMEA Leaders' Table all with 17 published positions. Morgan Stanley took fourth place with 8 positions. Citi and UBS shared fifth.

In the commission–weighted analyst tables, the top three positions were unchanged; HSBC came first with 33 published positions, followed by J.P. Morgan with 22 positions and BofA Securities with 18. Morgan Stanley pushed up seven places to 15 to take fourth and UBS came fifth place with 13 positions to complete the leading winners. Vote participation up 14% this year with 934 voters from 286 companies.

David Enticknap, Head of II Research said "With MiFID regulations potentially being rolled back across Europe and UK, the focus on the provision of quality research advisory services may result in a more competitive environment, and we may see an increase in research teams across the industry. The Institutional Investor rankings represent the gold standard in assessment of quality in equity research, recognised globally for the integrity of the process and depth of coverage."

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