Guggenheim Investments Ranked as Barron’s Best Taxable Fixed-Income Fund Family

SANTA MONICA, Calif, March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Guggenheim Investments, the global asset management and Investment advisory business of Guggenheim Partners, has been ranked as Barron's top taxable fixed–income mutual fund family of 2020, out of 53 companies. In its overall fund family rankings, which includes four other asset classes including World Equity, U.S. Equity, Mixed Equity and Municipal Bond, Barron's ranked Guggenheim Investments #2.i The rankings recognize the performance of the firm's flagship Total Return Bond fund (GIBIX) and Macro Opportunities fund (GIOIX).

Published by Dow Jones, Barron's ( is America's premier financial magazine. The Barron's Fund Families Ranking looks at the one–year relative performance of fund firms that offer a diversified lineup of actively managed mutual funds and ETFs.

"On behalf of our clients and staff, we're honored to be recognized by Barron's for our powerful investment performance in 2020," said Guggenheim Chairman of Investments and Global Chief Investment Officer Scott Minerd. "This recognition of our family of mutual funds, particularly our fixed–income funds, is further validation of our disciplined investment process, which draws on the principles of behavioral finance to mitigate cognitive biases and allows for better decision–making. This process encourages our best research and ideas across specialized teams to be brought together and expressed in actively managed portfolios."

In its rankings, Barron's highlighted Guggenheim Investments' standout performance against the volatile backdrop of 2020. "[T]he $25 billion Guggenheim Total Return Bond fund (GIBIX) returned more than 15% in 2020, and beat nearly all of its Lipper peers. Likewise, the $6 billion Guggenheim Macro Opportunities fund (GIOIX) returned 11.6% to rank at the top of its peer group"Guggenheim is adept at turning market dislocations in its favor. It cleaned up after the 2008–09 financial crisis, and in 2014, following the taper tantrum, the Total Return Bond fund returned 8.3%""outpacing most of its peers."ii

The Guggenheim Total Return Bond Fund grew to over $23 billion as of December 31, 2020. The fund's Institutional Class has led all its peers since its November 30, 2011, inception with a 6.39 percent annualized return, making it the top performing fund out of 355 competitors in the Morningstar Intermediate Core–Plus Bond category over that period based on total returniii. In 2020, the fund returned 15.2 percent, more than doubling the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, which returned 7.5%. Guggenheim's total fixed income mutual fund assets totaled more than $37 billion as of December 31, 2020, an increase of 46% since the end of 2019.

The Guggenheim Macro Opportunities Fund grew to over $5 billion as of December 31, 2020. The fund's Institutional Class has led all its peers since its November 30, 2011 inception with a 5.80 percent annualized return, making it the top performing fund out of 118 competitors in the Morningstar Nontraditional Bond category over that period based on total returniii. In 2020, the fund returned 11.56 percent, more than 400 basis points better than the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index, which returned 7.5%. Guggenheim's total fixed income mutual fund assets totaled more than $37 billion as of December 31, 2020, an increase of 46% since the end of 2019.

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Guggenheim Investments is the global asset management and investment advisory division of Guggenheim Partners, with more than $246 billioniv in total assets across fixed income, equity, and alternative strategies. We focus on the return and risk needs of insurance companies, corporate and public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations, consultants, wealth managers, and high–net–worth investors. Our 300+ investment professionals perform rigorous research to understand market trends and identify undervalued opportunities in areas that are often complex and underfollowed. This approach to investment management has enabled us to deliver innovative strategies providing diversification opportunities and attractive long–term results.

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Guggenheim Partners is a global investment and advisory firm with more than $310 billionv in assets under management. Across our three primary businesses of investment management, investment banking, and insurance services, we have a track record of delivering results through innovative solutions. With over 2,400 professionals based in offices around the world, our commitment is to advance the strategic interests of our clients and to deliver long–term results with excellence and integrity. We invite you to learn more about our products, services, expertise, and values by visiting and following us on Twitter at

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Average Annual Total Returns (As of 12.31.2020)

Fund 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Since Fund
Net Expense
Guggenheim Total Return Bond Fund (GIBIX) 15.24 % 6.78 % 6.61 % 6.39 % 0.57 % 0.51 % 11/30/2011
Guggenheim Macro Opportunities Fund (GIOIX) 11.56 % 4.67 % 5.97 % 5.80 % 1.23 % 1.05 % 11/30/2011
Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index 7.51 % 5.34 % 4.44 % 3.5 %

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Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index is a broad–based flagship benchmark that measures the investment grade, U.S. dollar–denominated, fixed–rate taxable bond market, including Treasuries, government–related and corporate securities, MBS (agency fixed–rate and hybrid ARM pass–throughs), ABS, and CMBS (agency and non–agency).

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i Past performance is no guarantee of future results. In the overall Barron's Top Fund Families rankings for the period ending 12.31.2020, Guggenheim ranked 2 out of 53 companies over the 1–year period; 18 out of 50 over the 5–year period; 29 out of 44 over the 10–year period; and 4 out of 55 in the World Equity category over the 1–year period, Copyright 2021 Dow Jones & Company, All Rights Reserved. Barron's Fund Family Rankings are calculated without the impact of expenses such as 12b–1 fees, front–end loads or sales charges, which would reduce returns. Each fund's performance is measured against all of the other funds in its Lipper category, with a percentile ranking of 100 being the highest and one the lowest. This result is then weighted by asset size, relative to the fund family's other assets in its general classification. To be included in the ranking, a firm must have at least three funds in the general equity category, one world equity, one mixed equity (such as a balanced or target–date fund), two taxable bond funds, and one national tax–exempt bond fund. Single–sector and country equity funds are factored into the rankings as general equity. All passive index funds are excluded, such as pure index, enhanced index, and index–based, but actively managed ETFs and smart–beta ETFs are included. Finally, the score is multiplied by the weighting of its general classification, as determined by the entire Lipper universe of funds. Please see for more information about the rankings.
ii Based on total return, GIBIX was ranked 4 out 368 funds in the Lipper Multi–Sector Income category for 1 year, 17 out of 323 for 3 years, and 42 out of 298 for 5 years. GIOIX was ranked 1 out of 126 funds in the Lipper Alternative Credit Focus category for 1 year, 22 out of 118 for 3 years, and 23 out of 110 for 5 years.
iii As of 12.31.2020, GIBIX was ranked 29 out of 602, 41 out of 543, and 9 out of 464 funds in the Morningstar Core Plus Fixed Income category for 1, 3, and 5–year periods based on total return. GIOIX was ranked 14 out of 316, 54 out of 269, and 32 out of 240 funds in the Morningstar Core Plus Fixed Income category for 1, 3, and 5–years. 2020 Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The information contained herein: (1) is proprietary to Morningstar and/or its content providers; (2) may not be copied or distributed; and (3) is not warranted to be accurate, complete or timely. Neither Morningstar, nor its content providers, are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information.
iv Assets under management as of 12.31.2020 and include leverage of $13.7bn. Guggenheim Investments represents the following affiliated investment management businesses of Guggenheim Partners, LLC: Guggenheim Partners Investment Management, LLC, Security Investors, LLC, Guggenheim Funds Distributors, LLC, Guggenheim Funds Investment Advisors, LLC, Guggenheim Corporate Funding, LLC, Guggenheim Partners Europe Limited, Guggenheim Partners Fund Management (Europe) Limited, Guggenheim Partners Japan Limited, GS GAMMA Advisors, LLC, and Guggenheim Partners India Management.
v Assets under management are as of 12.31.2020 and include consulting services for clients whose assets are valued at approximately $70bn.
vi The advisor has contractually agreed to waive fees and expenses through 2.1.2022 to limit the ordinary operating expenses of the fund.

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