Globo Launches Globo Partner Program, Giving Founders and Venture Capitalists a Lucrative Path into the Latin American Market

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Globo, the largest media group in Latin America, has announced the launch of the Globo Partner Program to provide a launch pad for U.S. companies looking to expand internationally into the Latin American market.

The Globo Partner Program leverages Globo's position as a global mediatech leader to enable cross–border value creation in digital advertising and in direct–to–consumer platforms developing new businesses and assets. The key services available from Globo's portfolio include Data Monetization, Short Videos, Contex Ad, Conversion and Attribution, and Deep Watching.

"Globo is a key entry point into Latin America, and we represent over 100 million daily users in the U.S. startup community, helping founders and VCs understand the size of the opportunity," said Carlos Moreira Jr., Director – Global Media Ecosystem & Partnerships (E&P) at Globo and head of the Globo Partner Program. "We're putting technology to work in a scaled market, creating new businesses and sustainable revenue streams for our U.S. partners. Our early integrations with U.S. startups have been very encouraging."

The Globo Partner Program was founded on the idea that it can innovate faster by partnering with leading companies that want to thrive in the Latin American market, rather than competing with them. The program has been in stealth mode for over a year and is already working with 100 partners, including fast growing companies like Palantir, LiveRamp, Snowflake, and Clash, and venture capital firms such as Samsung VC, Disney Accelerator, Plug and Play, Mindset Ventures, and Stanford Reaction.

  • Firework, a short–video platform for publishers and businesses on the open web, is working with the Globo Partner Program to reach Latin American consumers, providing them with snackable content while enabling brands to sponsor it.

    "The Globo Partner Program has been a fantastic program, fomenting collaboration and accelerating our growth. Combining Globo's technology and huge reach with the nimble approach of a startup has enabled us to iterate quickly and deliver impressive results," said Jerry Luk, Co–Founder, President and COO at Firework. "In LatAm, our user reach has increased over 40 times and our LatAm traffic has increased over 100 times since Firework partnered with Globo. Thanks to that, Firework has become the largest decentralized short–video platform reaching over 250M people per month. That's huge for our business and it really shows the breadth of the Globo Partner Program's reach in LatAm."

  • Plug and Play connects the largest corporations to the world's best startups through industry–focused accelerator programs in Silicon Valley and beyond. Plug and Play has already been contributing to Globo's innovation journey, supporting Globo to connect with over 60 startups globally and run nearly as many POCs and pilots.

    “We are very proud of our partnership with Globo and what we have been able to accomplish in the Media & Advertising ecosystem among other industry leaders,” said Saeed Amidi, CEO of Plug and Play. “Plug and Play has successfully built the largest innovation ecosystem around 36 locations in the world and helped startups from major cities like Paris, Tokyo, and Berlin. Now through Globo's new initiative, we will combine our efforts and provide a gateway to Latin America. Year to date, we have made over 50 successful investments in startups founded in LATAM and we look forward to doubling that number in the next year through our collaboration with Globo.”

  • Mindset Ventures is working with the Globo Partner Program by referring startups that are interested in exploring expansion opportunities to the Latin American market. It also counts on the program to receive feedback on potential portfolio companies in the markets where Globo has an amazing experience and reputation.

    “Globo, as one of the most influential companies in LatAm, is one of the largest steps for growth in LatAm a startup can take. Through the Globo Partner Program we are able to actively help our portfolio companies expand to this huge, but challenging region – opening relevant doors and helping them scale,” said Daniel Ibri, Managing Partner at Mindset Ventures.

  • Videocites, a company revolutionizing the visual media ecosystem through effective, AI–powered, video–by–video search, is also collaborating with the Globo Partner Program.

    "Globo is a great partner with engaging and valuable content, and we are super excited for this collaboration," said Eyal Arad, CEO and co–founder of Videocites. "Our unique AI–based technology is helping Globo maximize their content value by preventing social piracy while enhancing monetization across all social platforms."

Latin America, and Brazil in particular, is a growing VC ecosystem and offers a rich expansion opportunity for U.S. startups. According to recent reports, Brazilian consumers are early adopters, they have a high level of digital utilization, with 70% connected to the internet and spending over nine hours a day online – the highest globally.

"Latin America already provides an ideal environment for local and global companies to develop and test new digital products and solutions," added Moreira. "We want to make sure our ambitions in Silicon Valley match the size of the opportunity in LatAm."

For more information on the Globo Partner Program, please visit:

About Globo
Latin America's largest media company, Globo, brings together free–to–air and pay TV channels, in addition to digital products and services. Its linear channels speak to more than 100 million people every day. In 2018 it started its digital transformation journey, becoming a mediatech company, strongly supported by technology and focused on direct relationships with consumers. It provides audiences a complete viewing experience, which combines the ability to produce high quality content with technological expertise, with distribution on various platforms, such as TV Globo, a free–to–air TV channel; its 26 pay TV channels; its SVOD and streaming platform Globoplay; and digital products: news G1; sports; and entertainment Gshow, among others.


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