Chase the Title with Leicester City Football Club and Syinix

A Premier League Champions Title for Leicester City Football Club Will Refund Large Syinix TV Purchases

KENYA, Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After signing a new partnership with Syinix, Leicester City Football Club (LCFC) have kicked off the new Premier League campaign with three consecutive victories, with a triumph away to giants of Manchester City Football Club being the highpoint of the season so far. Although now still in third place in the table, LCFC is on the path to repeat the 2016 title–winning fairytale season, and if they do "" Syinix customers can also get a big payoff!

If LCFC becomes Premier League Champions in 2021, then all purchases of 55–inch Syinix smart TVs during the Flash Sales period (October 11–16, 2020) will be refunded in full! The stakes are being raised, and now the success of the Foxes will not only bring Syinix fans joy, but also a potential reimbursement in May 2021.

This is not a bet. A bet is where you stand to lose a wager. Whether LCFC wins the Premier League or not, purchasers of the Android Smart TV are sure to not be disappointed with their choice. The super wide frameless display will be a marvel to behold and stay with you regardless of the final league table. With a built–in satellite digital tuner, access to streaming platforms on Android, and the special football mode picture quality tuning following LCFC bid to regain the title of Premier League champions will be a party.

In order to be eligible for reimbursement, the following criteria must be met:

  • Purchase a 55–inch Syinix TV during the Kenya Flash Sales (October 11–16, 2020)
  • Share below campaign post on your Facebook page

  • Share picture of your new Syinix TV on your home page with a picture of TV invoice
  • Keep the invoice on hand to the end of the season, and cheer on LCFC to win!

Syinix retains the right to exemptions, and clarifications if some of the criteria are not met.
With this incentive campaign, following LCFC games on a 4K UHD screen will be even more entertaining. Let the featured Dolby Perfect Surround Sound system fill each corner of the room and elevate your viewing experience! Follow the team in royal blue, and follow the SyinixKenya Facebook official account for more special campaigns and more great surprises!

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